As telecommunications adapts to new realities, demands and business models, Dais – a trusted partner of service providers, enterprises and government – is delivering the bold innovation our customers need to stay ahead in the marketplace. We deliver solutions in mobile, fixed-access, IP and optic networks, applications and services. Our commitment is making communications sustainable, affordable and accessible.

Cellular coverage doesn’t just happen. To ensure five-bar cellular coverage and adequate cellular data capacity for smart phones, in-building infrastructures known as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and DAS vendors deliver a dedicated network of distributed antennas and a wired path for licensed radio frequencies to end users when they are indoors.

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In our business, it is all about the signal. Our clients depend on Dais to provide the wireless infrastructure that allows them to transmit the signal to their customers. Dais builds towers at the request of wireless carriers, leases antenna space on multi-tenant towers and other communications facilities, assists property owners by leasing their sites to wireless carriers, provides construction services on a single tower basis and can deliver a complete turn-key network deployment solution tailored to meet the needs of wireless service providers.

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